Message from the Chairman

This is a copy of the letter which will appear in the Lydiards Magazine.

Neighbourhood Plan
The Neighbourhood Plan, when completed, becomes a document that the planning authority must take into consideration when deciding planning applications. To bring it to completion there are several legal steps that we must take. The Steering Group have now brought our plan to the start of the legal steps. We have obtained a grant that will enable us to have the plan reviewed to make sure that it is legal and capable of being completed. We will also be holding a consultation over the next month to get your views on the plan. The draft plan can be viewed on our website or on the Council website A leaflet will soon be delivered to each house asking for your opinion and we will hold an event to talk to our group, view the plan, and ask any questions you may have. Please give us your feedback and we would appreciate anyone who could help with these last steps. We can be contacted through our website or at our next meeting on 6th March at JCH at 7.30
Mike Sharp
Chair, Lydiard Millicent Parish Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group

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