Neighbourhood Plan Update

Since our event at the Parish Hall in March, and receipt of the healthcheck report on the plan from a consultant, we have been busy rewriting to include your suggestions, where possible, and change things on the advice in the report. We have also investigated the possibility of employing a consultant to help us with the final stages, to get the plan passed by a planning inspector. When it is passed it will have to be taken into consideration when planning applications are assessed.
Having approached several firms of consultants, we have decided to employ Oneil Homer. We have taken up references for them, and spoken to a local council that is already using them for their plan. They come highly recommended. We have also sourced a grant from Locality, which will pay for the consultant help.
The project plan they have provided us with means we should be submitting our plan to Wiltshire Council for consultation in March. At present we are on target.
I would like to thank everyone that is helping for their time and input into something that will give us a say in how our Parish develops over the next 7 years.

We meet on the 1st Tuesday of every month in the JCH at 7.30. All are welcome to attend.

Mike Sharp, Chairman Steering Group

NPSG Minutes, 2 October 2017

In Attendance: Mike Sharp (Chair), Mollie Groom, Sarah Wheeler, Patrick Cole.

3 members of the Public, including the Planning Consultant for the land off The Street.

  1. Planning Application off The Street.

The planning consultant was in attendance and answered questions. The Steering Group and the public asked questions concerning compliance with the Neighbourhood Plan. Other questions arose and were also answered.

  1. SEA Plan v. 30/9/17

It was agreed to send the latest version dated 30/9/17 with minor alterations to Joanna Foster at Wiltshire Council for SEA screening.

  1. Grants

It was agreed that we would ask the Parish Council for release of £5000 from our budget to use for a public consultation and Plan Health Check. Also for the Clerk to apply for Grants on our behalf.

Steering Group Meeting Update

A copy of our September meeting’s minutes are available by clicking on this link.

At this meeting, we discussed (amongst other topics) funding options, draft consultation statement and basic condition statement. (These are documents that must accompany our application for the neighbourood plan to be made.)

We also decided to research additional funding and obtaining the views of an independent planning consultant (via NPIERS, a referral body set up by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors as a cost-efficient service to support the neighbourhood planning process by providing quick and easy access to impartial qualified examiners on an ‘as needed’ basis).


Latest Steering Group Meeting

A copy of our August meeting’s minutes are available by clicking on this link.

At this meeting, we agreed to seek to change the name of our neighbourhood area to Lydiard Millicent Parish, rather than Lydiard Millicent and Parish. This was as a result of comments made during the informal drop-in event and following circulation of the draft plan. We hope the new name reflects better that we are all one parish, albeit with some distinct settlements.

Another topic we discussed was whether we will need a Strategic Environmental Assessement (or “SEA”). Not all  neighbourhood plans need these, and there doesn’t seem to be any definitive criteria as to when these are required. However, they are necessary where plans “are likely to cause significant environmental effects” (Locality, Neighbourhood Plans, Roadmap Guide.) We had originally thought that our plan would not require a SEA, but Wiltshire Council has suggested that it now may do. So we are seeking more information on this.