Referendum Plan

The Lydiard Millicent Neighbourhood Plan is now in its referendum version changed considerably from its origins as a chapter in the draft New-V (North East Wiltshire Villages) Neighbourhood Plan.

Previous revisions have focused on reflecting the feedback from consultation and community engagement, and making the draft plan specific to the parish of Lydiard Millicent. More recently the Steering Group has worked with external consultants to get the plan ready for the next stage.

A neighbourhood plan can only deal with development and land use, it can’t address all of the concerns raised. For example, speeding is a big issue in the village – but it’s not one that can be addressed directly by the plan. Even so, comments are not wasted because they can feed back to the Parish Council and other community groups – they could, in time, even form the basis of a community plan and set priorities for the future.

Currently the referendum plan contains policies designed to-

  • maintain and improve cycle paths and footpaths
  • protect the separate and distinctive character of the village of Lydiard Millicent and the other distinct settlements in the parish
  • maintain the high quality of our built and natural environment
  • maintain and enhance our open green spaces and pasture land
  • protect and preserve our existing pubs and encourage retail opportunities
  • promote limited infill residential development, and small scale (up to ten homes), in the centre of the village, close to facilities, to meet the needs of the parish as set out in the Housing Needs Survey

Here is a link to the Referendum Plan

This consultation statement has been prepared to fulfil legal obligations of the Neighbourhood Planning Regulations 2012 in respect of the Lydiard Millicent Parish Neighbourhood Plan (LMNP)

The legal basis of this Statement is provided by Section 15(2) of Part 5 of the 2012 Neighbourhood Planning Regulations, which required that a consultation statement should:

  • Contain details of the persons and bodies that were consulted about the proposed Neighbourhood Plan.
  • Explain how they were consulted.
  • Summarise the main issues and concerns raised by the persons consulted.
  • Describes how those issues and concerns have been considered and where relevant addressed in the proposed Neighbourhood Plan.

A copy of the consultation statement can be found here

Basic Conditions Statement

This statement has been prepared by Lydiard Millicent Parish Council to accompany its submission of the Lydiard Millicent Neighbourhood Plan to the local planning authority, Wiltshire Council, under Regulation 15 of the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012 (as amended) (“the Regulations”).

The Neighbourhood Plan has been prepared by the Parish Council, a qualifying body, for the Neighbourhood Area, which coincides with the parish boundary of Lydiard Millicent and which was designated by Wiltshire Council on 20 September 2017. The Parish Council has consulted the local community, the statutory bodies and other stakeholders throughout the preparation of the Neighbourhood Plan, as required by the Regulations. This is detailed in the Consultation Statement, which is published separately as part of the referendum documentation.

The policies described in the Neighbourhood Plan relate to the development and use of land in the designated Neighbourhood Area only. They do not relate to ‘excluded development’, as defined by the Regulations. The plan period of the Neighbourhood Plan is from 1 April 2018 to 31 March 2036, which corresponds with the end of the plan period of the emerging Wiltshire Local Plan.  

The statement addresses each of the four ‘Basic Conditions’ required of the Regulations and explains how the submitted Neighbourhood Plan meets the requirements of paragraph 8 of Schedule 4B to the 1990 Town & Country Planning Act.

A copy of the Basic Conditions Statement can be viewed here.