The final countdown – views sought

Consultation Lflt (4)

The pre-submission neighbourhood plan is now ready. The next stage is consultation – and an opportunity for you to have your say.

A copy of the consultation leaflet is available by clicking on the link above.

Mike Sharp, Chairman of the Steering Group, said “We have at last gone out to Consultation. This is a legal step we have to take on the route to getting our Plan passed by the inspector to allow us to have a referendum where you will be asked to vote on accepting the Neighbourhood Plan. After the consultation any amendments needed will be made, then it will be submitted to Wiltshire Council. If all goes well we would anticipate finalising the plan and going to referendum in March. A positive vote then means that our views have to be taken into consideration when Wiltshire Council determine planning applications.”

You can view a copy of the pre-submission plan here.

Comments must be in by 1st February 2019.


Neighbourhood Plan update

The next meeting of the steering group is Tuesday 4 December @7.30pm at JCH.

The pre-submission plan will be presented to Lydiard Millicent Parish Council for approval at Thursday’s Council’s meeting @7.30pm at JCH on Thursday 6 December 2018.

Neighbourhood Plan Update

Since our event at the Parish Hall in March, and receipt of the healthcheck report on the plan from a consultant, we have been busy rewriting to include your suggestions, where possible, and change things on the advice in the report. We have also investigated the possibility of employing a consultant to help us with the final stages, to get the plan passed by a planning inspector. When it is passed it will have to be taken into consideration when planning applications are assessed.
Having approached several firms of consultants, we have decided to employ Oneil Homer. We have taken up references for them, and spoken to a local council that is already using them for their plan. They come highly recommended. We have also sourced a grant from Locality, which will pay for the consultant help.
The project plan they have provided us with means we should be submitting our plan to Wiltshire Council for consultation in March. At present we are on target.
I would like to thank everyone that is helping for their time and input into something that will give us a say in how our Parish develops over the next 7 years.

We meet on the 1st Tuesday of every month in the JCH at 7.30. All are welcome to attend.

Mike Sharp, Chairman Steering Group

Consultation Drop in 17th March

Neighbourhood Plan
DROP IN 2.00pm UNTIL 5.00pm
The Neighbourhood Plan, when completed, becomes a document that the planning authority must take into consideration when deciding planning applications.
We will be at the Parish Hall, on 17th March from 2.00pm until 5.00pm for you to drop in see the draft plan, talk to the Steering Group, ask any questions you may have, and have a tea or coffee and biscuits, and get your views on the plan. Meanwhile, the draft plan can be viewed here.

Please give us your feedback on these questions



Answers can be written on the back of this leaflet, and left in boxes at the Drop-in, the Parish Hall, the Council Office at the Jubilee Club House, or in the Church porch.

Answers and comments can also be sent by email to


Message from the Chairman

This is a copy of the letter which will appear in the Lydiards Magazine.

Neighbourhood Plan
The Neighbourhood Plan, when completed, becomes a document that the planning authority must take into consideration when deciding planning applications. To bring it to completion there are several legal steps that we must take. The Steering Group have now brought our plan to the start of the legal steps. We have obtained a grant that will enable us to have the plan reviewed to make sure that it is legal and capable of being completed. We will also be holding a consultation over the next month to get your views on the plan. The draft plan can be viewed on our website or on the Council website A leaflet will soon be delivered to each house asking for your opinion and we will hold an event to talk to our group, view the plan, and ask any questions you may have. Please give us your feedback and we would appreciate anyone who could help with these last steps. We can be contacted through our website or at our next meeting on 6th March at JCH at 7.30
Mike Sharp
Chair, Lydiard Millicent Parish Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group

NPSG Minutes, 2 October 2017

In Attendance: Mike Sharp (Chair), Mollie Groom, Sarah Wheeler, Patrick Cole.

3 members of the Public, including the Planning Consultant for the land off The Street.

  1. Planning Application off The Street.

The planning consultant was in attendance and answered questions. The Steering Group and the public asked questions concerning compliance with the Neighbourhood Plan. Other questions arose and were also answered.

  1. SEA Plan v. 30/9/17

It was agreed to send the latest version dated 30/9/17 with minor alterations to Joanna Foster at Wiltshire Council for SEA screening.

  1. Grants

It was agreed that we would ask the Parish Council for release of £5000 from our budget to use for a public consultation and Plan Health Check. Also for the Clerk to apply for Grants on our behalf.

Draft plan ready for SEA screening

The latest version of the neighbourhood plan will soon be ready to be sent to Wiltshire Council for SEA (Strategic Environmental Assessment) screening.

This is necessary to find out if the plan needs an SEA in accordance with the European Directive 2001/42/EC1 and associated Environmental Assessment of Plans and Programmes Regulations 2004. This will be the case if the plan is likely to have significant environmental effects.

Compliance with these regulations is one of the basic conditions the plan must satisfy, and is another step on the way to getting the neighbourhood plan made.

The requirement for an SEA is more likely if the neighbourhood plan allocates sites for development – which have not already been appraised through the sustainability appraisal of the Local Plan. Purton recently obtained confirmation that it did not need an SEA, so we will have to wait on Wiltshire to see if they take a similar view of ours!